Utilizing Custom Built Calendars for a Cause November 28th, 2014

The opportunity for our team to create custom built calendars for a cause or organization we often learn of special, heartwarming causes that are doing a lot of good in their communities. Their stories inspire us and they remind us that we’re lucky to play a role in helping them do as much good as they can. While we’re really good at the custom calendar thing, we aim to do more than just create custom built calendars for these organizations – like the New Jersey Boxer Rescue – by feeling their passion and sharing their mission.

Our friends at the New Jersey Boxer Rescue worked with us to create custom calendars in an effort to raise money for their organization. They have been able to do so much more than sell calendars. The New Jersey Boxer Rescue is creating relationships with those who contribute to their cause by allowing those contributors to remember that cause and why they contribute on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis – all through a custom New Jersey Boxer Rescue calendar. Check our Facebook Coupon Tab for this months special offer!

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Mach Up of the New Jersey Boxer Rescue Custom Built Calendar

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Barbara Borges saw an online memorial for her former Boxer and decided to volunteer at a rescue. She later founded the New Jersey Boxer Rescue.

Barbara Borges started the non-profit, 501 C3 Organization in 2003. Her passion began with the love of her own Boxer, Massimo, that an ex-boyfriend took after the couple broke up. Several years later Borges was looking online to adopt another Boxer and came across a memorial for Massimo. “I knew it was him immediately,” she said.

The memorial read that since Massimo was a “true New Yorker, I spread his ashes in Central Park and I wished for him that he was up in heaven eating ice cream and chasing rollerbladers and skateboarders.” Borges reached out to the author who confirmed it was indeed a tribute to Massimo. Massimo had been surrendered. He was old and sick but did not die in a shelter. He was adopted and loved for the remainder of his days.

Borges was moved and decided to volunteer for the Northeastern Boxer Rescue. Immediately it became clear to her that New Jersey needed its own Boxer rescue organization and after careful consideration made the decision to become and independent rescue group. New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states where dogs are surrendered regularly. She said that New Jersey Boxer Rescue “get(s) one-and-a-half-year-old to two-and-a-half-year-old Boxers surrendered into rescue simply because they are no longer that cute little puppy originally brought home.”

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The NJBR team at an event

Borges thought that the ethics surrounding breeding and purchasing were pure and happy dogs mated and spawned happy puppies on a farm that qualified and deserving people would come to and take home their new pet and have a happy family.

She bought Satine, her current Boxer, from a couple that had never bred dogs before. Borges was lucky and got to meet Satin’s parents and she wasn’t taken from them too young, everything happened they way it was supposed to. The realization of raising a puppy and what that entailed was quickly realized. Raising a puppy requires an immense amount of attention and even more patience.

Borges and her organization believes the establishment of New Jersey Boxer Rescue will enable efforts to be concentrated within the state, and to better serve both Boxers and owners in New Jersey and neighboring communities.

They New Jersey Boxer Rescue provides complete surrender and adoption services, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership. Adoption requires a thorough interview process and continuous follow-up with the adoptive homes, as well as providing assistance to any boxer home or other rescue that reaches out.

The New Jersey Boxer Rescue is currently relying solely on the kindness of the supporters and volunteers. Volunteers and foster parents care for the Boxers until they have a facility, which Borges hopes to have one day. Those who serve as volunteers have many years of experience in performing rescue work with other established groups. The foster families typically supply the food for the dog they are fostering. Most importantly the volunteers and foster families are Boxer owners who cherish and understand the breed. Due to the lack of a facility, some dogs have to be held by their owners until foster families are found.

The New Jersey Boxer Rescue made this Christmas video in 2012:

Since 2003 over 900 dogs have found new loving families. Always keep in mind there are millions of dogs across the nation that are happy, healthy and waiting for a loving home. Words of advice for future dog owners from Borges’: “If you truly feel that you want a puppy, then you should contact a reputable local breeder. Do not purchase a dog that has come from a puppy mill.”

The Boxer breed is usually listed as one of the top 10 most popular breeds because their fun yet tough nature. They may not make the best guard dog but they are definitely amazing family dogs.

Opportunities to Support the New Jersey Boxer Rescue

Yankee Candle Sale
Now through December 1 enter the New Jersey Boxer Rescue group ID# 990029046 when you make a purchase and 40% of your purchase price will go to the New Jersey Boxer Rescue.

Holiday Wreaths
Enter the code NJBR when purchasing a wreath from http://www.christmasforest.com/wreaths from November 3 through December 25.

Gertrude Hawk Candy Sale
From November 3 through December 13 purchase Gertrude Hawk products from the NJBR specialty fundraising website to support the organization.

Coats for a Cause
40% of the proceeds from every dog coat that is purchased from Kara at Pawfectly Adorable between Saturday, November 22 and Tuesday, December 30, 2014 will be given to the New Jersey Boxer Rescue.
For additional detail please visit the NJBR Facebook page and click on the link provided.

Wrapping for New Jersey Boxer Rescue at Barnes and Noble
Get your gifts wrapped for a donation at the Barnes and Noble locations below.

Saturday, November 29 from 6 p.m. 9p.m. EST at the Promenade Barnes and Noble in Whitehall, Pennsylvania (18052)
Sunday, December 21 at the Barnes and Noble on Freemansburg Ave. in Easton, Pennsylvania (18045)

If you want to learn more about working with Custom Built Calendars to create the perfect way to share your organization or cause check out our charity page!

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