Use Calendars to Create Partnerships for Fundraising Boost December 22nd, 2014


As you already know, many organizations, non-profits, and small businesses create and sell custom calendars as part of their fundraising efforts.

But what if there was a way to cut your production costs and reach a wider audience?

Good news: there is, and it just might be easier than you think. Use Calendars to create partnerships for fundraising and boost sales!

By choosing a partner, or even sponsor, to buy into your calendar, you’ll cast a wider net and drive your calendar sales up, up, and up. Here’s how:

Buddy Up

Let’s pretend you’ve decided to create a promotional calendar to raise money for your child’s little league baseball team — one that you can sell to local businesses to raise funds for an end-of-season trip to a Major League Baseball game.

Maybe, after little league games, the team likes to visit a local snow cone stand around the corner or an ice cream shop down the block.

Why not offer — or sell — the ice cream shop an ad in the calendar? Perhaps the shop would like to feature a coupon offering a free scoop during the month of July.

Wider Net = Bigger Profits

Not only can a partnering business offset your production costs by purchasing a small ad in the calendar, but they can also order additional copies (also offsetting some cost) to sell in their storefront. Perhaps they can even get a small percentage of each calendar sale, which will further incentivize them to drive calendar sales to their customer.

By taking this approach, you’ve done more than just “sell an ad;” you’ve created a real partner, and you’re casting a much wider net than merely door-to-door sales.

Plus, just think of all the local businesses that might be very interested in participating — the possibilities are endless!

If you’ve partnered with local companies in the past as part of your fundraising efforts, let us know in the comments below!

Learn more about our easy, step-by-step software that makes creating promotional calendars a breeze.

We look forward to working on your custom built calendar soon!

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